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WOW! Yesterday JR Ward's latest book was delivered!! I went home from work and Lover Avenged was there!! If you don't know what I'm talking about: JR Ward wrote a series of books about vampires(THE BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD series), in which vampires are at war with the lessers (humans without souls voted to kill them all) and the vampire Blind King and his warriors brothers are all that stand between civils vampires and the enemy; all the books are about the love stories of the brothers, how they find their mates (shellans), etc...
I first came across this author when I bought the italian translated version of Dark lover on a whim, curious about the story.. and then I hunt online for all the other books, found a site that imported them, and got all the original versions (in Italy you can find only the first two books.. lets hope they translate all of them soon, because I want my mother to read them too!!) Anyway, while I love them all (I like all the brothers..I cannot not, since they're all hot alpha males!), I idored Lover Awakened: Zsadist just nearly broke my heart, he was cruelly abused, he's not a nice guy, but I love him just the same..and at the end of his book I find him sooo cute!
Btw, the pairings are all male/female, but then along the way came this 'young' gay vampire...uhm...
I really recommend these books! and if you'd like to know more, go to www.jrward.com =)


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